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COVID19 – Terms and Conditions – Home/Nursery Agreement



Bizzy Kidz Coronavirus/Covid19 Terms and Conditions – Home/Nursery Agreement Addendum

These terms and conditions are in addition to our standard terms and conditions and have been added in light of covid19 pandemic of 2020.

Your child will not be able to attend nursery if you do not agree to adhere to these additional terms and conditions.

Amendment to Terms and Conditions sections

These amendments supersede those in the main and usual Terms and Conditions document.

Children with symptoms on the current NHS or PHE list of coronavirus symptoms will not attend nursery under any circumstances.

This includes, but is not limited to the current list of symptoms asdefined by health England & Public Health, or the need for Calpol (or similar) medicine to control a temperature. You must inform the nursery manager if your child is absent due to covid19 symptoms, or has been for a COVID test, even if the result is a negative result.

Adults with covid19 symptoms or who has taken a test and is awaiting results will not be able to enter the nursery premises at any time and should not be the parent to drop the child of at the nursery.

We encourage all households to get tested if they have symptoms of coronavirus and test results MUST be shared with nursery staff.

If any child or member of staff receive an official NHS covid19 POSITIVE test then that child’s bubble or group will be closed for 14 days. During those 14 days all children and staff from that bubble/group must self-isolate and complete the self-isolation period.

Due to the shared responsibility for social distancing and good hygiene practices between nursery and families, in the unfortunate and unlikely event of your child’s closure of their bubble or group due to a POSITIVE official NHS covid19 test , during this 14 day period your child’s booked sessions will be charged at the usual rates.

This enables Bizzy Kidz Nursery to continue to be financially viable during this pandemic.

Bizzy Kidz will confirm via email, text, Ey-log and telephone of any closures due to isolation periods and reopening dates.

All isolation periods for covid19 can be found on the NHS website.


Additional Terms and Conditions:

These are in addition to the Terms and Conditions in the main document and including the amendments above.

All families and staff members will follow all guidelines released by the Government regarding covid19.

In particular, all families, family members and staff members will follow the social distancing guidelines.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of all updated and current guidance and social distancing protocol relating to yourselves and the area of which you live.

It is also your responsibility to be aware of, practice and follow your living areas local lockdown restrictions if there are any in place

These procedures for attending nursery are in place and must be followed.

Bizzy Kidz reserve the right to refuse admittance to any child from any family who are not following the Government guidelines.

This refusal to admit a child may happen in person at the gate, and the period of non-admittance will be confirmed in writing within 24 hours of a verbal refusal. Refusal to admit a child to a chargeable session does not mean that session will not be charged for.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact the Nursery Manager either in person at Nursery or by phone or email.



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