Open 5 days a week, 6:30am - 6:30pm

Open 5 days a week, 6:30am - 6:30pm

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Dedicated carer for full care & support

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Full access to the nursery webcam

COVID19 – What We’re Doing !


COVID19 has made us all change the way we go about our daily lives to ensure we minimise risk and try to stop the spread of this disease. At Bizzy Kidz we have made certain changes in line with government guidelines and restrictions as well as developed our own good practice to try and aid the fight against COVID19 in our setting. We will follow the below listed measures to protect children their families and staff who are part of our Bizzy Kidz family.


  • Drop Off’s & Pick Up’s

We are asking that only one parent/carer from your household Drop off and Collect children and it would be preferable if it could be the same parent/carer each time to minimize person contact

We will not be allowing any parents or carers into the Bizzy Kidz building, but ask that you bring your child to the nursery entrance and a member of staff will greet you & take your child from you and into their nursery group, after your child’s hands have been cleaned & sanitised.

If age appropriate, please could you explain this to your child so that they know what to expect on their arrival.


  • Parent Queue’s

If there is more than one child arriving at the nursery entrance door when you arrive we ask you to respect government guidelines and distance yourself 2 metres from the other parent/carers and children who are arriving at nursery and wait for the member of staff to become available to greet your child and hand them over.


  • Transport to Nursery

Parents are requested to avoid using public transport wherever possible (in line with government guidelines) and ask that wherever possible come to nursery by walking, cycling or by car.


  • Keeping Bizzy Kidz Clean & Safe

We have always had an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness, but during this pandemic we will be cleaning on an on-going basis throughout the day, using disinfectant and sanitising products, which are safe & non-toxic.

All toys & equipment once played with will be sanitised and cleaned, ready for other children to pay with once children have moved from an activity or play.

Cleaners will attend the premises each evening to clean through.

Before any messy, sand, water play and cooking activities/play children’s hands will be sanitised to assist in the non-spreading of germs and then each day it will be replaced with fresh.


  • Hand washing & Sanitising

On arrival and at many various times throughout the day, we will encourage and ask the children to wash or sanitise their hands, which will include before and after any meal or snack times, after toileting or nappy changing, after play outside and before having any drinks, as well as after cleaning or wiping their noses, coughing or sneezing.

For younger children our staff members will do this for them.

We have hand sanitising stations at many locations throughout the nursery & have recently purchased some child friendly stations for the children to use and get used to and do it themselves.


  • Large Group Activities & Carpet Times

We will be restricting the amount of children involved in group activities or carpet times and create smaller groups when involved in these activities, so we can ensure some measure of social distancing during these more close contact times.


  • The Environment & Staff

The children’s groups will remain the same within the Nursery and groups will not be joining up with other room groups regardless of numbers attending in each group, this ensures that we can enjoy the use of the vast space within our large nursery rooms, ensuring the children have lots of personal space, which in turn promotes social distancing.

The children’s usual staff team members which they normally have will be the ones caring for the children to ensure as much continuity and reassurance during this strange time.

Staff will remain on site during their break & lunch times, & not visit shops etc. to minimise contact with the general public and people outside.


  • Meals & Snack Times

At meal & snack times children will where possible eat within their rooms and will be seated in smaller numbers at a table to promote social distancing.

Self-service by the children will also cease for now and children will be served their food by members of staff,  who will wear protective aprons and will have thoroughly washed their hands.

No child will be permitted to bring in drinks or water bottles from home, with the exception of babies bottles which will be cleaned and sterilised also at nursery.


  • Outdoor Play & Forest Schools

Children will play Outside only in their room groups & in smaller groups. They will not mix with other groups from the Nursery.

After each outdoor play session, the area will be cleaned and made ready for other groups of children for when they are to use.

There will be no Forest School at present.


  • Parent & Staff Communication

Face to face staff and parent communication will be minimal, if you require to communicate with your child’s key person, please use the messaging facility on their EY-log, or contact the nursery via email, telephone or our Facebook page and any messages can be passed on.

Going forward accident, incident & medicine forms will also be being completed via your child’s EY-log, digitally & via the Ey-log App.

Any assistance needed with this can be given by the Nursery Manager over the telephone.


  • Buggies, Pushchairs & Car Seats

We would like it if possible for buggies, pushchairs and car seats to be not left at Bizzy Kidz premises during this present time.

Please could you try to make arrangements to take these items home or to work with you.

If this really is not possible please speak to the Nursery Manager for authorisation to be left, who will then check the cleanliness & hygiene of



  • Bags, toys & comforters

Children will not be allowed to bring in toys or comforters from home.

All parents/carers are required to leave their child at nursery a clean, clearly labelled bag with sufficient clean clothes in it in case your child needs to be changed whilst at nursery.

If a child has a change of clothes, their dirty clothes will be sent home in a sealed plastic bag and parents will be required to bring in some more clean clothes from home to top up the bag which is left at nursery.

If your child has a comforter that they can’t be without, please leave a second one at the nursery, so we can ensure it is clean at all times.


  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)     

The children & staff will not be required to wear any PPE in the nursery except the usual equipment that is worn generally at toileting and nappy changing times. We will always have PPE stock available.

We now have an Isolation box that contains all the PPE that is required & that is needed to be used in the event of a child or person becoming unwell or having suspected COVID symptoms whilst on Bizzy Kidz premises.

There are more details of this in our official COVID-19 policy which is at the main entrance of the building.


  • Children that become unwell

If you or anyone in your household becomes unwell or displays any COVID symptoms, then the whole family will need to isolate for 14 days and will not be permitted to attend Bizzy Kidz (Government Guidance)

If your child becomes unwell with any symptoms whilst at nursery, you will be contacted to come and collect your child, whilst they are waiting to be collected, they will be isolated from their group cared for by their keyperson or a familiar member of staff.

Please ensure that we have your correct contact details, as being able to contact you will be vital.

We would then advise you to book and obtain a test for COVID-19


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