Open 5 days a week, 7.00am - 6:00pm

Open 5 days a week, 7.00am - 6:00pm

Dedicated carer for full care & support

Dedicated carer for full care & support

Full access to the nursery webcam

Full access to the nursery webcam

Meals & Nutrition

We are proud of the menu’s of food we offer at Bizzy Kidz. We have a well-planned and balanced, nutritious menu which gives the children opportunities to try many different tastes, textures and foods.

We operate s seasonal Four Week menu which changes twice a year and we also have a separate seasonal vegetarian menu running alongside our main menu. Each seasonal menu will be on display at all times so that parents/carers can see what their child will be eating.

All our meals and snacks are prepared and cooked using top quality, healthy fresh produce, re-prepared and cooked by our highly qualified and experienced Chef in our highly equipped kitchen.  We pride ourselves on using high quality fresh produce and home baking and cooking. All types of processed food is strictly limited here at Bizzy Kidz.

We believe at Bizzy Kidz that mealtimes should be a pleasurable, highly social time and are an extremely important part of a child’s day and a time which presents itself to have a wealth of personal and social learning opportunities for each individual child.

To build on this we ensure that meal tables are set up to mimic restaurant tables with tablecloths and flowers.

Bizzy Kidz staff actively encourage the use of manners and politeness at meal and snack times and water is constantly available for the children and on first attendance each child will be given a name bottle of water or beaker for them to use whilst at Bizzy Kidz and the water will be refreshed many times during the day.

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