Open 5 days a week, 7.00am - 6:00pm

Open 5 days a week, 7.00am - 6:00pm

Dedicated carer for full care & support

Dedicated carer for full care & support

Full access to the nursery webcam

Full access to the nursery webcam


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Welcome to Bizzy Kidz Derby & thank you for visiting our website

My name is Beccy and I’m the Nursery Manager here at Derby.

Bizzy Kidz Derby operates from a state of the art, large purpose built two storey building which boast vast amounts of space and large light airy play rooms.

There is a large CCTV monitored carpark at the front of the building.

Our setting is split into separate age groups, these being:

Bizzy Bugz  – Non Walkers `

Bizzy Beetlez – Walkers -2 ½ years

Bizzy Bumblez – 2 ½ to 4 – years

Each age group has activities & experiences which are formally planned to stimulate, develop & challenge their imagination, thoughts, creativity and both physical & Intellectual capabilities.

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Bizzy Kidz Derby Manager

Quality childcare for all ages up to 5 years

Each age group has activities & experiences which are formally planned to stimulate, develop & challenge their imagination, thoughts, creativity and both physical & Intellectual capabilities.

Bizzy Bugz Non - Walkers

The non-walkers are located in a room on the ground floor of the nursery building with its own access to our outside garden area.

The non-walkers environment has been presented and planned to stimulate both none and pre walkers, whilst offering safety and comfort to this sensitive age group.
This group focuses on the main fundamental principles in childcare

Bizzy Beetlez - Walkers and Movers 2 1/2 years

Occupying a huge open plan play room, there is a vast amount of space and many different areas for children within this group to manoeuvre around and explore, all of which stimulates their natural curiosity, promoting all aspects of the children’s learning, imagination and development, now that they are mobile.

Also in this room is a large area specifically designed and equipped for messy, malleable, creative & sensory play, this area enables us to give the children many opportunities to be exposed to these varied and exciting types of play either as a group or as individuals.

A learning and development package has been developed and implemented for the Bizzy Bugz and the Bizzy Beetlez, which is built on and around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Children in the Bizzy Bugz and the Bizzy Beetlez will be presented with lots of opportunities and experiences which challenge their physical capabilities. They will also be provided with many opportunities and experiences which promote inquisitiveness & exploring. Sensory and manipulative play will be a core element of play within this age group.

A comprehensive daily diary will be given to parents/carers on collection of your child, informing you fully of their day & fun times that they have had.

Bizzy Bumblez 2 1/1 to 5 years

Your child’s learning becomes more formal & structured within this group, but will be fun & highly interactive and at times very messy!

The Bizzy Bumblez group of Bizzy Kidz is situated on the first floor of the Bizzy Kidz premises, the children in this group have a vast area to play in & many activity type areas to choose from and the emphasis is on giving your child choice.
Children are able freely to choose in which area they play & for how long (as appropriate), and when they wish to do things, which means their play becomes transient and free flowing.

This group have a state of the art sensory room to play in, which gives the children an opportunity to have their senses stimulated by light, sound, touch & smell. All of the above rooms are set up for the children all of the time and the children choose where they wish to play.

The Bizzy Bumblez 2 ½ to 5’s learning curriculum has been planned & Implemented on and around the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) Your child’s learning will be planned around topics which will run for a term of a month and will include many exciting, fun, weird & wonderful activities. Part of your child’s day will be allotted to structured learning, working on developing:

Colour recognition
shape recognition
number recognition
pencil control & fine manipulation of tools
letter recognition
reading skills
counting skills

We adopt a certain approach in teaching your child to read which is a “phonics” based system (for more information on the sequence & steps that Bizzy Kidz use in developing your child’s reading skills, please contact the manager who will discuss in more detail) Your child will also be taught how to use and manipulate the computer, printer and associated tools & equipment. Children within this group will be divided into structured learning groups according to ability in individual areas, so will work in a variety of learning area groups and at a variety of levels individual to themselves.

Outdoor Play Areas

Bizzy Kidz Derby has 2 different fantastic outdoor play spaces which are fenced & totally secure and constantly monitored by our parent accessible camera system. Access can only be gained onto the premises and play spaces via the finger print scan recognition system.

Our first play space boasts a complete soft rubberised play surface for protection of the children against bumps & scrapes, whilst at the same time being firm enough to operate pedal toys & vehicles on. This Area also has a children’s play fort and road track for children to whizz & Zoom around & to perfect their manoeuvring skills.

Our second play area is a more calm & relaxing area and is covered in velvety soft fake grass scattered with brightly coloured fake flowers, it has seating areas around our large trees that we are fortunate to have in our garden, as well as mushroom seats & bouncy Zebedee flower seats for the children to play & bounce on, this area is a particularly ambient area for our smaller children.

We have a vast array of other outdoor play equipment such as outdoor sand troughs and water farms, tents, balls & bats and many trike and wheeled vehicles & much more to use and enjoy in our areas.
All children are given helmets to wear whilst using the wheeled toys and vehicles outside.


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